Meet HVL Interiors

You won’t find hand-waving woo-woo designers or green-visored killjoys here. There’s too much leaping back and forth from right brain to left brain, doing design that is both beautiful and practical, and the constant push, push, push against boundaries. We know we’re unusual. We revel in it. Our clients can’t stop talking about it.

Heather Van Luchene Interior Designer ASID

Heather Van Luchene, ASID

Founding Principal

Revered for a style that is both intellectual and intuitive, Heather founded the firm in 2001 as the only sensible way to channel memories of summer days spent in her aunt’s impeccably decorated house, long hours imbibing the spirit (and the tea) of the old Takashimaya department store in New York City, and degrees from St John’s College and the New York School of Design into something that does what she’s always wanted to do: bring people joy.
That, and it offered a snazzy excuse to have an unlimited supply of yellow sticky notes, which along with coffee (single-source, perfectly roasted, and hand ground, natch), enable not only the inspiring and oftentimes breathtaking design for which she’s known, but also the clear-eyed and determined work of building the business and ensuring that it delivers on its storytelling promise—every day to every client.
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"Make every expression as beautiful as you possibly can."

Fast Facts:

  • NCIDQ-certified
  • New Mexico licensed
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Contributing Writer for Santa Fe New Mexican's Real Estate Guide
  • Former member, New Mexico Licensing Board
  • Top 20 Designers Under 40, Mountain Living
  • Gold List of Interior Designers, Western Interiors
  • Featured, Hospitality Design
  • Featured, HGTV
Steffany Hollingsworth Interior designer FASID

Steffany Hollingsworth, FASID

Principal Partner

Clients may talk about her “stellar sense of style,” but Steffany’s twenty-year practice goes way, way deeper than that. Influenced by everything from Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to Karl Blossfeldt and Andrew Goldsworthy to decaying oil rigs in her home state of Texas, she goes to the heart, exploring the essence of a client’s story well before she puts pencil to paper. The result is stylish, sure, but shines as a distillation of truth and beauty as well.
A born diplomat and creative collaborator, Steffany joined Heather in 2008, and loves three things equally: 1. The look of shock on the faces of contractors and business people when they realize they can have great design and finish on budget, 2. The joy new homeowners express when faced with someone who can take the littlest treasured part of their past and turn it into a full expression of a lived life, and 3. Red velvet cake (which, like any sensible person, she prefers made with vinegar).
  • Steffany Hollingsworth Design Inspiration
  • Steffany Hollingsworth Design Inspiration
"Great design doesn't happen overnight."

Fast Facts:

  • NCIDQ-certified
  • New Mexico licensed
  • Contributing Writer for Santa Fe New Mexican's Real Estate Guide
  • Cosentino Trendspotter
  • Former member, ASID National Board of Directors
  • Featured, HGTV
  • Featured contributor, How To Design Your Perfect Interior
  • Featured contributor, Leading Residential Interior Designers
  • Featured contributor, New Adobe Home
Gary Hahs HVL Interiors

Gary Hahs

Partner & Director of Operations

Fast, gorgeously designed cars and iconic modernism make Gary a little weak in the knees, which in turn makes him a great partner in the care and feeding of a firm that believes in great design and great storytelling. His years as an entrepreneur and retail executive for multinationals makes him a great partner for our commercial clients, who often want to walk around with him and talk spatial dynamics and front of store value. And all of our clients find him a great partner for keeping projects moving forward, answering esoteric questions about billing or where—between La Havre and Miami—a piece of custom furniture might be found, the registration number of the boat its on, and when it might arrive.
Gary is also the designated troublemaker, using his well-honed sense of timing and humor to keep everyone out of a rut, creative or otherwise. He’s less the bucket-above-the-door sort of guy and more the wander-over-to-Heather’s-desk-and-rearrange-everything sort of guy. The results speak for themselves.
  • Gary Hahs Design Inspiration
  • Gary Hahs Design Inspiration
"The devil is in the details."

Fast Facts:

  • MBA, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Owner, Luxury Handbag Design & Manufacturing Company
  • Managing Partner, Growth Partners Consulting Firm
  • SVP Marketing & Real Estate for Major Retail Chain
  • Member of Launch Team for Two Retail Chains
Monica Archuleta HVL Interiors Design Assistant

Monica Archuleta

Studio Manager & Design Assistant

Sometimes you see or do something that changes the direction of your life. For Monica it was getting up close and personal with Frank Gehry’s Stata Center at MIT. From that introduction, her passion for space as something both beautiful and life affirming took hold, and she brings it to her support of our clients and our creative teams. With an undergraduate concentration in interior design and architecture, and a masters in the emerging field of environmental design, she shares—and often spearheads—our advocacy for whole-life, holistic design thinking.
She also keeps everything from going horribly off the rails, whether she’s interpreting mad, ecstatic brainstorming sketches on the back of napkins and turning them into intelligible AutoCAD files, or tuning the office’s Pandora stream for optimum output. She trusts her prodigious Instagram and Pinterist feeds to fuel both her creativity and her sense of where design is going, and pizza (preferably pineapple, green chile, and sausage) to fuel everything else.
  • HVL Interiors inspiration
  • HVL Interiors inspiration
"Life and love go on, let the music play."

Fast Facts:

  • MS, Texas Tech University
  • Turntable historian and aficionado

Brooke Belyeu

Design Assistant / Junior Designer

A lover of both Florence and the New York City subway, it’s not surprising that a deep belief in the power and importance of memory, as well as a profound sense of history, sets the stage for Brooke’s approach to design. And, when combined with a fierce belief in the power of that design to nurture community and progress, our clients end up with an advocate for everything from authentic storytelling to sustainable best practices. As our designated vision translator, she draws on the technical skills and interpretive practices honed during her master’s work in architecture and applies them to our sketches, narratives, and occasional mad scribblings, and then does magical things with CAD, Sketchup, Adobe. The result? The future, illustrated (for us, and our clients).
A true observer, Brooke is always listening between the lines, whether it’s during community discussions on how to redesign a neighborhood, or in the midst of client meetings, or parsing Gary’s insistence that, ‘no, really, Heather will like it if I move this just a little bit. Over here.’ As the newest member of the team, she’s still trying to convince us that Dostoyevsky is worth a month of our time, and that yes, regular humans can make paella.
"The detail is not the detail. It’s the design." -Charles Eames

Fast Facts:

  • Master of Architecture, UNM
  • NCARB Member
  • AIA Associate Member
  • Santa Fe Midtown Fusion Team Member