Our Town…

New to town? Coming for a visit? Have we got some suggestions for you!

Our hometown—not surprisingly—is one of wonderful stories, some reaching back thousands of years, some to only yesterday. They all share a deep sense of, and appreciation for, the power of place. In between your ecstatic moments with our skies, vistas, and historical sites, these clients and friends offer unique and beautifully told tales of what it means to live, work, and love around Santa Fe.

More than a place to lay your head. Way more.    An unexpected venue for uncompromising native art    Comfort Italian food like grandma used to make, but in a cooler bungalow.

Seriously, no really, the best coffee in town.    How about a restorative glass of champagne in a charming setting or their perfect garden?    Sorry Texas (or North Carolina), we bring the BBQ.

World-class wine tasting. Also just down the road? Ab-so-lutely.    Fresh Italian Kitchen    Just down the road, a hotel with an amazing history.

And of course, if you’d like design to do way more than look pretty, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet HVL Interiors

You won’t find hand-waving woo-woo designers or green-visored killjoys here. There’s too much leaping back and forth from right brain to left brain, doing design that is both beautiful and practical, and the constant push, push, push against boundaries. We know we’re unusual. We revel in it. Our clients can’t stop talking about it.

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  • Finishes & Fixtures

    The devil is often in the details, and our commitment to ensuring design integrity at all scales means that whether you are building completely anew or remodeling, your story will shine through, from faucets to finials.

  • Furnishings & Foundries

    You cannot live extraordinarily with ordinary design, and our impeccably-curated library of the best of the best examples of fine furnishings, plus deep and long term relationships with regional artisans and trade suppliers, ensures that every piece of furniture tells your story.

  • Spaces & Places

    Location, location, location is as important in design as it is in real estate, and our bespoke  floor and furniture plans, as well as high-quality renderings, enable you to not only imagine, but understand fit and function.

Another Story...


Through a skillful blending of old and new, a recently expanded New Mexico restaurant space returns to its roots in the culture and brand of a well-respected Native-run resort.

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"The problem is... that your interior design services are highly addictive."