Mountainside Convivial

“Yay! Just yay! I love the living room! It makes me so happy. More than I’d hoped for!”

- Catherine

A house for serious play, talk, and relaxation finds expression in smart furniture choices, evocative and celebratory artwork, the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, and room for a spur-of-the-moment cut-throat game of ping-pong. A constant flow of guests is met with a living room plan that allows for almost infinite configurations, with unique touches like a custom silver-leafed and steel coffee table that can go from one table to three, a set of rolling cream-colored leather ottomans, and wide doors opening onto outdoor spaces tightly integrated with the rest of the house. Texture and color enhance the contemporary and sophisticated spirit of the home’s owners, while paintings and sculpture from favored local artists both anchor the home in its community and express the importance of creation and its nurturing in their lives.

Project Contributors: HVL Interiors, Narrative Media