A World of Possibility, Redesigned

Santa Fe Prep School. NM.
"The innovative design and choice of materials has been well-received by our teaching staff and students. The new classroom design is engaging, innovative, relevant, and will provide us with learning for the future design of our upper classrooms."

Jim Leonard
Head of School, Santa Fe Preparatory

A revered prep school in the Santa Fe foothills finds its spirit of innovation and engagement reinterpreted and strengthened through newly designed classrooms full of color, custom learning features, and a demonstrable commitment to the environment. Colors and textures mesh seamlessly with locally designed and built furniture to create learning spaces customized for their teachers, students, and their place in the community. LED lights, low VOC carpet, double honeycomb window shades, and light tubes create an environment that is at once healthy and fundamentally conducive to the engaged teaching and learning practices at the heart of the school. Honoring the historical nature of the building and its very modern uses, careful design integrates the two with a contemporary palette, whiteboard walls and perforated metal ceilings, and classic elements like stained oak cabinetry and antique linen paint colors.

Project Contributors: HVL Interiors, Architectural Alliance, Sarcon Construction, Narrative Media


Santa Fe Prep School. NM.