Timeless Vintage

Brown Family WineryBrown Family Winery
"HVL Interiors designed something utterly unique, recognizably full of [my grandfather's] spirit,
and an undeniably beautiful representation of our core brand values.”

Andrew Browne

An old storefront in downtown Seattle is reimagined for a longtime client as a cozy and sophisticated tasting room–a paean to memory, legacy, craftsmanship, fine wine, and the good life well lived.

The interplay of light and texture,  the outer world and the inner–emphasized as visitors move from the bustle of the street at the front to the quiet sanctuary of the room’s back walls–reveal large plate glass windows, bespoke cabinetry, distressed tiles, leather bound books, and tweedy textures.

Old school fabrics like mohair and velvet as well as classic finishes like brass and marble work with a contemporary palette of light grey, golden yellow, blush peach, and charcoal to evoke a soothing–and familiar–sense of the historical present.

A one-of-a-kind commissioned multi-media collage layers treasured family photographs, maps, books, and other artifacts to tie the lived past to the vineyard’s guiding values, all the while welcoming visitors to participate in the brand’s story.

Project Contributors: HVL Interiors, DuHamel Architecture, Gateway Construction Services, Andrew Pogue Photography


Timeless Vintage