Inspiring Kitchens & Baths

"I just wanted to tell you that we really appreciate you and enjoy working together. We are hard core mull-and-stewers and find it so useful to bounce ideas around with you. Then reflect and think about everything some more. The whole process just makes us feel like our eventual decisions are really, really good ones that we'll be happy with for years to come. Sooooo, Thank You!"


Many home renovation projects begin with a bath or kitchen remodel. These rooms are not only among the most used in the house and often the places where personality and utility most powerfully overlap, but they are also the best investments in a home’s future value. Getting a kitchen or a bath to work well—and be beautiful—isn’t magic. But it is hard, and almost always relies on transforming inspiration drawn from the unique experiences of the homeowner into something timeless and singular. Inspiration can begin with a beautiful piece of polychromatic mosaic found in a Tunisian marketplace or in a Parisian flea market, or a patinaed faucet that reaches beyond function and into the realm of art, or an eclectic and colorful contemporary collection of paintings and sculpture. From such details, great design is born.